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Two Tone Counting Stair

Two Tone Counting Stair


Our two-tone counting stair is a great way to practice those early math skills. It consists of beads on the string ranging from numbers 1-10. Children can engage in this experience as they learn to count the beads using their fingers which promotes the development of their fine motor skills.

This activity will have your toddlers engaged for hours together as they take the beads on and off the stand onto the string. This experience therefore promotes hand-eye coordination as well as problem solving skills too.


Help your child get ready for math while having fun as they slide the wooden beads back and forth. This two-tone counting stair will encourage them to count and sort whilst developing their fine motor skills. Children feel a sense of accomplishment as they move the wooden beads from one side to the other. Children can also practice their counting skills as they move the beads thus promoting numeracy development. This also sharpens their memory and concentration levels. This counting stair therefore is a great tool to introduce children to early math concepts.


Approx dimensions of product: L35xW6xH15cms. Weight: 0.4kgs


Recommended age: 2+

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    Showroom Address:

    Shop 1052, 10/F, Eton Tower, 28 Hysan Ave., Causeway Bay, HK Island, Causeway Bay

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