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Tree Abacus

Tree Abacus


This tree abacus is a great learning tool for playrooms, kindergartens and classrooms. Our natural tree abacus measures 60cm high and promotes development for numbers and counting skills.


Using an abacus for kids can help children develop their math skills, as it provides a hands-on way to visualize and manipulate numbers. It can also help children understand the concept of place value and learn how to perform arithmetic operations such as addition and subtraction. In addition, using an abacus can help improve a child’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.


Approx dimensions: 40x10x60cms. Weight: 3kgs.


  • If you would like to see or touch our products in person, please feel free to visit our showroom. Remember to make a booking beforehand, so we can ensure that a sample of your desired product is available.

    Showroom Address:

    Shop 1052, 10/F, Eton Tower, 27 Hysan Ave., Causeway Bay, HK Island, Causeway Bay

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