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1000 ANIMAL WORDS Chinese and English bilingual features Animals pictures

1000 ANIMAL WORDS Chinese and English bilingual features Animals pictures


1000 Animal Words Chinese and English bilingual features picture-packed pages full of fascinating topics, such as how animals protect themselves, their daily routines, and how species have adapted to different environments. Each topic includes questions that ask children to find things on the page or that stimulate thinking, talking, and reading comprehension skills.

This animal book is packed with lots of useful nouns, interesting adjectives and common verbs related to wildlife around the world, broadening children’s vocabulary and strengthening their early reading skills.
This engaging vocabulary book for children aged 5-7 features:

- A comprehensive range of animal topics – from classifications and physical characteristics, to daily life and animal defences.
- Lots of useful nouns, adjectives, and verbs, as well as questions that build language and stimulate thinking and imagination.
- Picture-packed pages combining photography and illustrations, with fun things to spot on each page.

Written by award-winning science teacher Jules Pottle, 1000 Animal Words clearly labels each picture, which encourages picture-and-word association and helps early reading. This fun and educational picture word book for pre-readers is a must-have first reference title for parents and guardians who are keen to develop their child’s language and literacy skills, and nurture a love of animals and the environment.

  • Author:Jules Pottle


    Publication:Sunya Publications

    Date of Publish:11th April 2023


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